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 Entrevista con Richie

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Lizz Sambora Rickman
Lizz Sambora Rickman

Cantidad de envíos : 2029
Edad : 27
Localización : Con Richie, mis hijos, Kakashi y Gaara en la playa XD
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Fecha de inscripción : 08/02/2008

MensajeTema: Entrevista con Richie   Sáb Jun 27, 2009 10:05 pm

está en inglés,pero demos gracias a Dios que Richie habla un inglés muy claro XD

esta muy facilita de entender y da muchos datos intersantes::

Bon Jovi is an anomaly in the music world. While some bands come and go, and others break up only to reunite triumphantly years later, Bon Jovi has been around for 25 years, and during that time the band has released hit after hit.
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They're glad to be returning to the Maritimes: Richie Sambora, left, and Jon Bon Jovi, attend the 40th annual Songwriters' Hall of Fame ceremony in New York on Thursday. Just a day before that, Sambora agreed to an email interview in which he discusses the band's upcoming concert in Moncton. Bon Jovi will perform at the Magnetic Hill Music Festival Summer Kick-off on Saturday, June 27.

From Livin' On A Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive to Always, It's My Life and Who Says You Can't Go Home?, it seems everything the band does is taken with open arms by both fans and radio DJs alike.

The band members - Jon Bon Jovi (vocals/guitar), Richie Sambora (guitar), Tico Torres (drums) and David Bryan (keyboard) - last played Moncton in 1993 during their Keep The Faith tour.

This time they're returning with bassist Hugh McDonald in tow, hot on the heels of Lost Highway, their triple-platinum selling (in Canada alone) album that sees the band adopt a Nashville-inspired sound. The band's two most recent concerts were shot using 22 high-definition cameras for a DVD that is coming out in the fall.

This week, guitarist Richie Sambora agreed to participate in an email interview with Questions were submitted, and Sambora's answers are below.

In this Q&A, Sambora talks about the band's longevity, how touring keeps a band young and he reveals that Bon Jovi's next album will be a "rocking" affair.

Eric Lewis: Hey Richie. Thanks very much for the interview. How is everything going, and what has the band been up to recently?

Richie Sambora: Everything is going great. Jon and I have been in the studio working on new music, and tomorrow night (Thursday, June 18) we are both being inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame in New York City. A great night is expected!

E.L.: Your upcoming Moncton show on June 27 will be your first date on the east coast of Canada since 1993 ... that hardly seems fair to us, especially for a band that tours so consistently.

R.S.: I agree, which is why we are so happy to come this summer.

E.L.: It's been 25 years for Bon Jovi. Why do you feel the band has remained so popular all this time?

R.S.: Two main reasons: the fans and the songs. The two combined together make a wonderful connection. The other very important ingredient are the shows; Bon Jovi really loves to do live shows and it is truly a fun time for us all.

E.L.: What's making the band's set list these days? The band has albums, rarities and even a country album now to pull from for tunes. What can we expect in Moncton?

R.S.: All of the set lists are posted on so that is a good reference but, the set lists (are) done by Jon on the night of the show so, who knows?!

E.L.: Be honest - what's your favourite tune to play, and why?

R.S.: Wanted Dead or Alive is a great (one), but all of the songs are fun to play, and it is so hard to put one in front of the other.

E.L.: Is there one song that seems to get the best reaction from the crowd each night?

R.S.: Each town is different, and we look forward to the Moncton show to find out what you guys like best.

E.L.: Is touring getting tougher as the band members age? Twenty-five years and a pretty hectic road schedule most of the time can't be easy.

R.S.: Touring keeps you young, there is no better place to be and nothing better to be doing.

E.L.: What's been the reaction to the latest album, Lost Highway?

R.S.: Triple platinum in Canada, can't beat that!

E.L.: What do you expect the next album to sound like? Is there a timeline for a new record?

R.S.: In the studio now, and it is a rocking record!

E.L.: Bon Jovi didn't really hit it big until the Slippery When Wet album in 1986. Do you think a band today would be given a chance to release three albums before 'making it big'?

R.S.: The industry is very different today, and what probably has been lost is career development.

E.L.: Bon Jovi has taken some lengthy breaks between certain albums. Yet, since Crush in 2000, the band has been consistently releasing albums and touring. Do you expect this pace to continue?

R.S.: Absolutely.

E.L.: Bon Jovi has always had its critics ... after 25 years, do they ever get to you?

R.S.: It is always about the fans.

E.L.: Do Canadian audiences react differently, or is there something else about performing up here that is different than other markets?

R.S.: Canada is a very important market for Bon Jovi and will always be very important to the band.

E.L.: Charity work has always been something dear to Bon Jovi. Why is it so important to you guys?

R.S.: It is always important to help out wherever and whenever you can; that goes for the band and all the fans, the power of 'we' is how things get done.

E.L.: Anything else you'd like to add?

R.S.: Looking forward to seeing everyone in Moncton!



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